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Best Catering Services In Aundh, Pune as on Oct 02, 2022

we cateres
Aundh, Pune, 411007
Catering Services, Pantry catering services
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Aundh, Pune, 411007
3.5/5 Based on 3 Reviews
Catering Services, Florists, Printing services
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Working Hours: 09:00 AM to 05:00 PM
Guest from Pune

"Good team with fully dedication as well as professionalism awesome work"

Ravikiran Anil from Pune

"Good service in Best rates"

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Mayur Thali Snacks & Catering Services
Aundh, Pune, 411037
4.0/5 Based on 2 Reviews
Catering Services, Event catering services, Pantry catering services
+2 more
Working Hours: 10:00 AM to 11:00 PM
Praveen Singh from Pune

"This was my kid birthday function so, I had contacted to these people.This was for around 45 people and we ordered all veg cuisines,for one plate they have charged me 250Rupees,totally i have paid 11250.The dishes were good and we liked it very much. They have provided very good service."

V S Ahluwalia from Pune

"This was my family function so, I had contacted to these people. This was for around 150 people and we ordered all veg cuisines. The dishes were good and we liked it very much. They have provided very good service. The charge was reasonable."

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Mr Veg Caterers
Aundh, pune, 411007
Catering Services, Event catering services, Pantry catering services
+1 more
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Thaali the pure Veg
Aundh, Pune, 411007
Catering Services, Event catering services, Pantry catering services
+2 more
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H3 Caterers
Aundh, Pune, 411007
Catering Services, Event catering services, Pantry catering services
+2 more
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SS Caterers
Aundh, Pune, 411007
4.0/5 Based on 1 Reviews
Catering Services, Event catering services, Pantry catering services
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umesh from Pune

"For a party I hired this catering services to prepare vegetarian food. I have ordered 50 plates and they billed Rs.6000. Taste was really good and happy with the reasonable charges."

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Alishan Caterers
Aundh, Pune, 411007
4.0/5 Based on 1 Reviews
Catering Services, Event catering services, Pantry catering services
+2 more
mohammed shakir from Pune

"they do the best service and they also give the best food and they cook veg and non veg"

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Kera Foods
Aundh, Pune, 411007
Catering Services, Event catering services, Pantry catering services
+2 more
Working Hours: 11:30 AM to 10:30 PM
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Faijan Caterers
Aundh, Pune, 411007
Catering Services, Event catering services, Pantry catering services
+2 more
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Catering Services Queries
Questions - 74 Answers - 71
37+ experts available
I require daily vegetarian lunch from any caterer in Madanayakana Halli in Bangalore

Brindha Moorthy23 HOURS AGO

Catering Services
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Nice services


Catering Services
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We accept all types of party food, birthday, wedding, other occasion we accept all types of food veg and nonveg

Shibu philip3 DAYS AGO

Catering Services
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The palanquin canteen is absolutely useless, the staff inside it has a way of not speaking to them and the whole staff is in the spirit of the canteen, I told them to bring a spoon, I agreed to give it to me and after the death a girl came, she told me that the spoon If the girl has asked for it, she has asked for it, if I asked for it, then she should not give it to me after that and B is their exploits ... I had ordered a paratha, then it tells me that I do not have a paratha. Said many times that I have to order a paratha, tokakin give me to nahi de ra and told me that if I am not finished, then what is the meaning of this, and the girl is hey, it means to give them

Shivam Aggarwal 3 DAYS AGO

Catering Services
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The palanquin canteen is absolutely useless, no way to speak, all the staff of the canteen may be all nervous. .. I agreed to give them a spoon = to me and after death a girl came, she said that she should give me a spoon, that means this staff does this, the girl has asked for them, we have them. ...may have ordered paratha particles from them, then I do not have the custom to speak, I said 3 times that I have to order a paratha, tokkin give to nahi dera and tell me if it is not finished, then it means I don't know what's going on and about it, I'm going to put a dent on social media.

Shivam Aggarwal 3 DAYS AGO

Catering Services
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Latest 7 Reviews Of Catering Services As on Oct 02, 2022

Average Rating
5.0/5 7 Reviews

" One of the best professionals around. This was indeed an amazing experience for all of our guests. The hospitality and the care with which Mr.Chanakya manages everything is just brilliant. The food was brilliant & so was the complete setup. Thank you once again. "

George from Pune, on 31 Jan 2020

" An excellent service was given by this "Radhekrishna Caterers", Katraj, Pune. I contacted this catering services to order food for a religious function. He responded to me good so I booked with him. I ordered pure veg food, morning Tea, breakfast, lunch and again tea in the evening. He charged me Rs 20000. The quality of food was good and service was also good. It was a great job i am satisfied. "

Shripad from Pune, on 24 May 2019

" Gratified with these service provider. We took catering service from this Ayush Caterers Aundh, Pune for a Birthday Party. I preferred the North Indian type of Vegetarian food. They really respond to me well and they are very professional, the food quality was also good. I am satisfied with the service they provided. Food was on time, neatly arranged and organized. Totally I paid for food 8500. Overall very good service. "

Sandeep from Pune, on 17 Aug 2018

" Looking for packaged food catering service, then i found these people.only good items are used for cooking and even in serving was done in a professional way.They charged an affordable price for it. The food was so delicious and tasty. Satisfied and gratified to use their service. "

mangesh shelke from Pune, on 29 Jun 2017

" impeccable service, high-quality food sourced from the finest purveyors; creative-yet-classic preparation and craftsmanship; and an overall experience that leaves you happy and content in the fact that you just ate a world-class meal "

Prathamesh Kukade from Pune, on 25 Jan 2020

" Excellent service, well organized team work, dedicated and well groomed staff, on the top of everything food is so delicious. Overall I had a great experience of hospitality by RajLeela Caterers Management Services. Thanks a lot to the team. "

Amrit Kumar Paschricha from Pune, on 12 Oct 2019

" For our companies Bhoomi Pooja on Dashera day we had ordered for an exclusive Dosa station from RajLeela caterers. The outstanding quality and pure South Indian taste had my boss and our guests very happy with the food, the excellent personalized service was a cherry on top. Highly recommend Rajleela caters! "

amol patil from Pune, on 11 Oct 2019

Guide To Hire Best Caterers in Aundh

Catering is an essential event aspect that needs your attention. Good food is a good mood, they say and Aundh is extremely popular for its delicious lip-smacking cuisines. If you are planning to hire a professional caterer for birthdays, corporate meetings, festivals, weddings, etc. Here is everything you need to know! Here are a bunch of things to consider discussing while shortlisting catering services in Aundh

  • Availability of the wedding caterer: It is of utmost importance to be sure of the caterer's professional commitments and availability of services on your desired date, venue and time.
  • Experience and expertise: Ensure that the expert is experienced enough to execute a hassle-free catering experience for the guests. Check if the professional's expertise matches your requirements.
  • Catering styles and cuisines offered: Shortlist a service provider that delivers your desired catering styles and cuisines effortlessly. Ask the expert about their standard and most requested cuisines.
  • Tasting session and leftover food policy: Opt for a food tasting session before you book the expert to be sure about the taste. This is the right time to talk about the guest list, leftover food policy, etc.
  • Food presentation, decor, serve ware and display arrangements: Once the catering menu is taken care of, now is the time to discuss catering decor, outdoor/indoor catering arrangements, etc.
  • Catering charges: Share your ideal catering budget with the expert and try to work out a menu that meets your needs as well fits the bill.
  • Cooking practices and policies followed: It is highly advisable to know about the cooking practices and hygiene level followed during cooking. Also, ask them about the cooking oil used, the amount of preservative or additives used.
  • caterer's terms and conditions: Be double sure of the terms and conditions mentioned by the service provider
  • Customised and timely services: Lastly, be sure of the service provider's capabilities to meet your service expectations in a professional manner.

Popular Catering Styles & Caterers Packages in Aundh

Here’s a summary of the top 3 catering styles that are frequently requested in

Buffet catering style

Buffet catering style provides a spread of multiple food options that you can choose from. The food is systematically displayed on the buffet table starting from the starters to the deserts. Buffet catering charges are usually charged per plate basis and attract lesser wastage. The luxury and comfort of choosing and serving what you like to eat make it a hit among the masses. This catering style is highly customizable as per the customer’s needs.

Plated meal catering style

Plated meal is a traditional sit-down meal, extremely popular in South Indian weddings. The entire course of food is served to the guests in a particular order. This style of catering goes well with traditional setups and helps in portion control. Plated meal is an affordable catering style with no hassles of queuing up for food.

Cocktail dinner catering style

This style of catering is best for evening elite events like engagements or corporate parties. Cocktail dinner usually is inclusive of alcohol and lighter food options with 2-3 course meal options.

Catering charges in Aundh

Pricing would differ widely depending on the caterer's speciality and expertise, the number of guests to be served, catering style offered, vegetarian or non-vegetarian food, etc. Usually, wedding catering charges are higher than catering for usual events, festivals, etc. Approximately, Vegetarian per plate for a buffet catering style starts from Rs.350 Non- Vegetarian food per plate would range between Rs.500- Rs.600 Exotic and exquisite cuisine per plate charges start from Rs.700 and above.

Event TypePrice Range
WeddingRs 50,000 to 1,20,000
EngagementRs 50,000 to 1,20,000
ReceptionRs 50,000 to 1,20,000
Birthday partyRs 50,000 to 80,000
Corporate eventRs 50,000 to 1,00,000
Family Get TogetherRs 20,000 to 40,000
Other EventRs 50,000 to 1,00,000

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FAQ - Caterers in Aundh

1. What kind of services can I expect from professional catering service providers?

The reputed and experienced caterers provide expert services. You can get in touch with the experts for wedding catering services, pantry-catering services, and event catering services.

2. Which type of food do the pantry catering service providers offer?

The renowned pantry-catering service providers offer a different type of foods. The list of the foods that you can get from pantry-caterers includes

  • Pure vegetarian food
  • Non-vegetarian food
  • Vegetarian food
  • Both Vegetarian & Non-Vegetarian food

3. Which type of cuisines do the professional caterers prepare?

The experienced caterers provide reliable services to their clients according to their choice. You can hire catering services for the preparation of North Indian cuisine as well as South Indian cuisine.

4. How much do the reputed caterers charge for their services?

The charges of hiring catering services vary from one service provider to another. Apart from the location, experience, and reputation of the caterer, many factors influence the service cost. The factors influencing service cost includes the type of food, cuisine, event, and many more.

5. How early do I need to book an expert for wedding catering services?

For hiring the best caterer for the wedding catering service, it is advisable to book the caterer as soon as the wedding date is fixed. It would help to get plenty of time for planning the menu for the special day.

6. Do I need to pay an advance for booking catering services?

The reputed caterers charge an amount for the confirmation of the booking. However, the percentage of the advance varies from one service provider to another.

7. What important factor do I need to consider while booking catering services?

Before booking catering service, it is necessary to keep a few things in minds such as budget, number of guests, type of food, the expertise of the caterer, and many others.

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