Concept of DevOps - Beginners Guide

Jenson 2 years ago

The concept of DevOps is that developers and operations work better together, like breaking down silos and sharing responsibilities. In today's world of competitiveness, businesses need to change their mindset on how Development and Operations work. In simple words, devops integrate developers and operations teams to improve collaboration and productivity by automating infrastructure and continuously measuring application performance. A more devops oriented team would do a few things differently from a conventional organization. They would Place more focus on automation as DevOps teams try to automate everything from testing of new code to how infrastructure is provisioned. They would write software in small chunks that are integrated, tested, monitored, and deployed usually in hours versus the traditional way of writing large chunks of software over weeks or months and then do weeks or months of testing. Plus, they will have identical development and production environments based on the same configurations. 

Writing small chunks of code will allow them to increase deployment frequency and improve the time to deploy new codes. It also enables them to adopt an iterative process to monitor, measure, and improve the code and operations daily, which improves their ability to respond to market needs or other things that impact software instead of building and configuring software plus infrastructure manually on an ad hoc basis. As a result, they will have the ability to build infrastructure at the scale of dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of servers in multiple locations using different types of hardware. Another change that a devops oriented team would do is to use a source control system to help manage track and document all changes to the application code and configuration management code in real-time. 

The ultimate goal is to have a production environment that gives their customers a great experience. So what benefit does having a devops oriented team get? Well, it allows them to increase the rate of software delivery and improves the company's time-to-market potential from months and weeks to days and hours. This will be a huge competitive advantage, which allows them to maintain better business by automating their infrastructure.

How does a devops oriented team accomplish this well? As mentioned before there needs to be a change in the mindset of the two groups that need to work closer together. The other component of the formula is getting the right tools required for this fast-paced world. They will need a tool that allows them to build and test code continuously. They will need a tool for Source control such as GitHub. This will enable them to manage track and document all the changes to their application code and their configuration management code. 

They will need tools for configuration management. These tools will allow them to deploy applications in an automated fashion, maybe across hundreds or thousands of servers in different locations. They will also need new tools that would enable them to continuously measure the performance of their environment and application, generating reading, and analyzing system logs.

New tools like New Relic are required to make sense of all this data. It is a comprehensive cloud-based instrumentation platform built to help customers create perfect software. This will allow them to know how the entire application is performing and help them identify bottlenecks. But many companies don't know how to use these tools or do not have the skills to automate the software delivery process. That's why most companies are looking for DevOps engineers.

In conclusion, devops is a new philosophy that could help software organizations innovate faster and be more responsive to business needs. It promotes collaboration between developers and operations, which improves the quality of software development and more frequent software releases. Adopting the devops philosophy requires a new mindset, new tools, and new skills. Learning all these highly functioning tools involves training, and companies prefer candidates with valid certification in Devops. Sulekha offers excellent training and certification program in DevOps that can help you land a job instantly.

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