Important Aspects To Look At While Planning An Engagement Party

Elisa Vincent 4 years ago

Engagement is an occasion where a couple takes a pledge to live for each other forever! It is a great opportunity for the bride and groom’s families to know each other. To ensure a smooth celebration, appropriate planning is necessary for an engagement party. When you start an engagement party planning process ensure that it is fun filled to boost the festivities for the newly engaged couple.

Here are the most important aspects to look at to make your engagement party an unforgettable event!

1. Date, time and venue

The engagement parties are usually held at least 6 months before the wedding. The engagement party time may differ from tradition to tradition so it is better to discuss with both the families and finalize the date and time. You can decide on the venue depending on your budget, theme (optional), and number of people joining. You can choose from a luxury hotel, family home, restaurant, beachside, etc. depending on your preference.

2. Guest List

Preparing a rough guest list should go in alignment with choosing the venue. This is because, the size of the venue would be decided based on the approximate number of guests. After the date and venue for the engagement is decided it is time to prepare an elaborate guest list. This will help you decide the number of guests to be invited and make further arrangements accordingly.

3. Invitation Cards

Your engagement invites can be as simple as possible, but if the party is thrown at a club, restaurant or some other fancy venue, then you will need to prepare suitable invitation cards for gathering your guests. Your invitation card should include the following information.

o    Names of the to-be wed

o    Date

o    Venue of the party

o    Time

o    Special programs, if any

 You can also digitally print the couple’s photo in on the card to give a personalized touch. You can even send the invitation to your close friends through E-cards. You should mail the invitations to the guests well in advance to avoid eleventh hour miss outs.

4. Attire

The outfit worn by the groom and bride on the engagement needs to be carefully decided. The party dresses should be tried at least once before the actual event. Traditionally, women can go for beautifully embroidered or studded ghaagra cholis or sarees. Men can wear the traditional sherwani or even a suit.

5. Food and Decoration

Check out suitable party caterers to finalize the best menu. Decide the menu according to the taste and lifestyle of the guests invited. In the engagement party you can serve traditional delicacies or a buffet depending on your requirements.

Make sure that choose flowers, balloons or pictures based on your themes to make the place colorful. You can also run slideshows of the couple’s photographs to make your party more creative!

6. Entertainment

What is a party without some entertainment? Pick your music in such a way that all the guests would enjoy it. You can also call a DJ or a classical singer to entertain them. Dance and music will make the party peppier! Avoid slow songs as far as possible to maintain the energy of the party.

7. Photographer

To preserve the precious moments from the engagement, choose the best photographers. You can choose from traditional photographers to candid photo experts based on your preference to capture all the important moments that you can cherish forever.

An engagement party is one of the most talked about events in a wedding, so planning it right is of crucial importance to anybody who is soon to be married. Follow the above mentioned tips for the best engagement party! You can contact an expert party organizers for assistance and help to make planning easier and smoother.

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