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Find 90+ professional interior designers in Rajouri Garden for your Residential, Commercial needs. Sulekha experts are ready to provide spectacular residential interiors with creative designs that suit your home, apartment and villas. Also, get the interior design service for bathroom, bedroom, kids room, kitchen, pooja room, study room, common working area, lounge, meeting room and reception. Connect with experts near you to know more about 3D interior design!

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Verified Top Interior Designers & Decorators in Rajouri Garden, Delhi as on Jul 06, 2022

Rajouri Garden, Delhi, 110027
1.0/5 Based on 1 Reviews
Interior Designers, Home Interiors, Office/Commercial Interiors
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Shreevi Groups
Interior Designers, Home Interiors
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Gauravshali interiors
Rajouri Garden, Delhi, 110018
Interior Designers, Home Interiors
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 Latest Interiors
Rajouri Garden, Delhi, 110027
Interior Designers, Home Interiors, Office/Commercial Interiors
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Rajouri Garden, Delhi, 110027
Interior Designers, Home Interiors, Office/Commercial Interiors
+2 more
Working Hours: 10:00 AM to 8:30 PMResidential Projects Executed: More than 10Avg. Project Delivery Time: 45 days
+1 more
  • Commercial Projects Executed: Less than 10
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VS Interiors
Rajouri Garden, Delhi, 110027
Interior Designers, Home Interiors, Office/Commercial Interiors
Working Hours: 09:00 AM to 6:00 PM
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Architect Pallavi puri
Rajouri Garden, Delhi, 110027
Interior Designers, Home Interiors, Office/Commercial Interiors
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Market Craft
Rajouri Garden, Delhi, 110027
Interior Designers, Wall Decors, Home Interiors
+1 more
Working Hours: 10 AM to 6:30 PM
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Patiala Decor
Rajouri Garden, Delhi, 110027
4.0/5 Based on 1 Reviews
Interior Designers, Wall Decors, Home Interiors
+3 more
Working Hours: 9 AM to 7 PM
K K Kapoor from Delhi

"I have got the interiro of my house done from pataial decor. Theyhave expertise and creativity to offer to customers and n esure best service at very attractive prices tag..."

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Interior Exterior Designs
Rajouri Garden, Delhi, 110027
Interior Designers, Wall Decors, Home Interiors
+1 more
Working Hours: 9 AM to 7 PM
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Interior Designers Queries
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52+ experts available
If someone only needs to consult or requires an assistance with selecting the colours of a 3bhk flat. How much would that cost?

Sweta singh 3 HOURS AGO

Interior Designers & Decorators
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Bharat Kishan 3 HOURS AGO

Typically, when you choose a painting expert to do the whole job, they help you with the consultation of selecting colors as a complimentary service. If you want a separate expert to just consult, there might be charges based on 1) City, 2) Size of the house and 3) the experts themselves.(More)

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Is gypsum board waterproof?

Bharat28 June 2022

Interior Designers & Decorators
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Niviya 6 DAYS AGO

Gypsum board refers to a group of panel products used as wall and ceiling finishes. Gypsum cores come with paper surfaces on the front, back, and edges of such panel products. Gypsum boards, also known as MR boards or green boards, are more water-resistant than usual drywall. This is because the gypsum board has an aerated gypsum core that has exclusive water repellent additives. Its other advantages are as follows,• Gypsum offers high moisture protection.• They do not shrink while drying.• They have antimicrobial properties that keep mildew and molds at bay.• Highly fire resistant.• It comes with sound insulation.• Gypsum boards are easy to handle and, therefore, easy to install.(More)

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Which ceiling is best for the bedroom?

Harsha27 June 2022

Interior Designers & Decorators
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Niviya 7 DAYS AGO

After a tiring and hectic day's work, we seek our bedrooms, which give us peace and calmness for yet another tiring day. Therefore, it's necessary that we design our bedrooms in a way that lifts our mood and also soothes our minds. A false ceiling with a relaxing design and a mild color can give us this comfort. The following are some of the best designs for a false bedroom ceiling.• Coffer Design• Tray Design• Circle Design• Suspended design• Vaulted Design• Tray False Ceiling?• Floating Island Design•Extended Panel Design•Sloped Ceiling with Skylight• Ceilings with Mirrors•Ceilings with Geometric shapes•Metallic Design• Zoned DesignIt's always better to keep the color white for your false ceiling or just light shades of pink, green, blue, or grey for better results.(More)

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Which putty is best for a false ceiling?

Neha27 June 2022

Interior Designers & Decorators
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Niviya 7 DAYS AGO

Wall putty is nothing but fine white powder, which, when mixed with water, turns into a fine paste that helps fill cracks, gaps, and imperfect walls to make it suitable for painting. It is made of minerals and quality polymers. It is important to use putty before painting because it will fill in gaps and thus prevent uneven painting. Some of the top brands of putty are given below:• Arosun Paints Ultra Touch Wall Putty?• Asian Paint Asian Wall Putty?• AtoZ Wall Care Putty• Bird White Synthetic Cement Based Wall Putty? ? ? ??• Birla Wall Putty? ? ? ? ??• Greatindogardens Grade A Premium Quality 500 Gram Wall Care Putty? ?• Iris Paints Wall putty??• K S Company White Color Birla Wall Putty? ?• Pmw Wall Putty Powder Filler Material? ? ? ??• Reso White Wall Putty? ? ? ? ? ?• Sunkoll industries ltd Wall Putt(More)

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Which type of false ceiling is best?

Vetha27 June 2022

Interior Designers & Decorators
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Niviya 7 DAYS AGO

Your home doesn't get the complete look if not for a false ceiling. They not only add beauty to your home, but they also conceal any electrical wiring in central air conditioning systems and reduce noise. Generally, builders recommend Plaster of Paris and Gypsum boards for false ceilings. Though there are lots of materials, Gypsum is much preferred these days for the following reasons.• It has high resistance toward heat and easily tackles humid conditions. Gypsum is non-combustible in nature and has some water content in it.• It also has properties of thermal insulation, which keeps your house cool for a long time. This is because the false ceiling traps air in the gap between it and the original ceiling, thus cooling your entire room with its thermal properties.• Gypsum absorbs excess sound with its sound insulation properties. With gypsum ceilings, you can enjoy privacy by not allowing the sound to pass from one room to the other.• Gypsum, being soft, can easily be molded into different designs according to your taste.• It is highly durable and lasts for more than 15 years.• Gypsum helps in the even distribution of light, for it is suspended a few inches below the main ceiling.• Gypsum is flexible and can be twisted to form any design of your choice.(More)

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Types of Interior Design Services Offered by Sulekha Experts

Modular Kitchen Design

Charges starting from50,000

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Architecture Services

Charges Starting from5,000

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Roofing Services

Charges Starting from20 Per Sq Ft

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Living Room Interior Design

Charges Starting from2 - 4 Lakh

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Office / Commercial interiors

Charges Starting from1 - 2 Lakh

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Find the Experienced Interior Designers and Decorators in Rajouri Garden, Delhi

Be it a house or an office, the decor plays a vital role. The decor of the space includes the colours, accessories, furniture and many other items. The main fact is that these aspects have a greater impact on the mood of the persons staying there. Therefore, it is essential to have an impressive decor. To make your space look attractive and stylish, you can hire the service of experts. Hiring professionals can help you a lot. At Sulekha, you can find the list of more than 90+ verified and experienced interior designers and decorators in Adyar. The trusted experts listed here have delivered the matchless services to the clients that resulted in an average rating of 5-stars among 903 users.

Why choose Sulekha?

Sulekha is an online business directory. Here, we help you to select the best and reputed interior designers and decorators in Adyar, Chennai from the verified and dependable interior experts. Moreover, at this directory, you can find the contact details and address of the listed interior decorators as well as designers. If you wish to book an experienced interior decorator or designer, fill the above form. The reputed interior experts near you would contact you with the list of their services. You can discuss the required services as well as service charges with the experts. You can also negotiate with the service provider for the charges and settle on an amount agreeable for both.

Benefits of Hiring the Services of Interior Designer and Decorator

The decor of your space depicts your personality. Many people love to decorate their space themselves. They adopt DIY ideas to do so. However, they fail to achieve the desired results. To get the desired look, you can hire the professional interior designers and decorators in Adyar, Chennai. Hiring the services of experts offers you numerous benefits such as

  • Time-Saving: Preparing the designs for space is a time-consuming task. You need to invest time for the research of the designs as well as arrangement of the material. When you hire the expert service, you need not worry about the design and material. The interiors designers are trained; they know the current trends and thus help in saving time.
  • Saves Money: You might like a piece of furniture in the market and bought it. However, the item you purchased is too big according to your space. Or you painted your room thrice but didn’t get the desired shade. Hiring a professional service can help you in avoiding costly mistakes. The interior decorator and designer would help you to get the best items in your pocket.
  • Professional Assessment: The experts are equipped with the knowledge. They can help you in making the best use of space and make it look spacious as well as comfortable with their techniques.
  • Effective Utilization of Resources: The experienced interiors designers and decorators make your space look beautiful as well as comfortable with the use of old and new things. They make the best use of your existing belongings to decorate your space.
  • Reliable Network: The experts have the list of effective and reliable workmen like electricians, plumbers, carpenters, etc. Therefore, it becomes easier to get work done on time.

Apart from these benefits, you get the opportunity to get the best decor in your house in budget. Yes, the interiors experts help you in designing your home in your budget and according to your choice.

Services offered by Interior Designers and Decorators in Rajouri Garden, Delhi

Be it a designing or decoration of a newly constructed building or remodelling of an existing space, the dependable and experienced interior decorators and designers offer a wide range of services. From designing to execution, you can rely on the experts. The list of the services offered by interior experts includes

  • Designing Service: First of all, the interior designers inspect the space and understand the requirements of the client. Based on the budget as well as specifications, they prepare the blue-print of the design. The 3D interior designers prepare the 3D models and graphics on the request.
  • Execution Service: Some people have their own designs and need only the execution services. The interior decorators help the client with their services to decorate the given space according to the client’s design.
  • Turnkey Service: Turnkey service includes both designing as well as execution. In this type of service, the interior expert starts from scratch. From creating designs to approval, sourcing raw material to final execution, the expert handles the entire project.

Apart from these, the interior experts help in planning and managing the space, selecting colours, placement of lights, procurement of decorative items, and many others. Based on your the type of your space you can hire the right expert from the residential and commercial interior designers as well as decorators.

Interior Design Cost in Chennai

The service charges of professional interior designing services vary from one expert to another. Apart from the location and popularity of the expert, several aspects contribute to the service charges. The list of some common factors influencing the service charges of interior experts includes

  • Type of service (designing/execution/turnkey)
  • Cost of the material used
  • The experience of the interior expert
  • Labour charges (per sq. ft.)
  • Type of space (residential/commercial)
  • Type of designing (2D/ 3D)
  • Size of the space and many others

For an idea of the charges of professional interior designing, you can check the given table

Type of Service Approximate Service Cost
Designing Service Rs. 150 to Rs.300 per sq. ft.
Execution Service Rs. 200 to Rs. 350 per sq. ft.
Turnkey Service Rs. 800 to Rs. 3200 per sq. ft.

Types of Interior Designing Style

The experienced and trusted interior designers and decorators in Adyar, Chennai provide services for residential spaces and commercial spaces such as home, restaurants, malls, boutiques, cafe, etc. The reputed experts provide plenty of styles for interior designing. The list of the most common interior designing styles includes

  • Nautical Style
  • Contemporary Style
  • Modern Style
  • Mid Century Modern Style
  • Beach Style
  • Industrial Style
  • Traditional Style
  • Mediterranean Style
  • Eclectic Style
  • Minimalist Style

Keeping in mind the budget and type of your space, you can choose any one of the above styles for interior designing.

Things to Consider While Hiring the Services of Interior Designers and Decorators in Adyar, Chennai

If you are planning to hire an interior designer or decorator for the remodeling of your space, it is advisable to pay attention to the following key factors

  • Service charges
  • The expertise and experience of the professionals
  • Type of space
  • Mode of communication
  • The style of designer
  • Size of the space
  • Payment policy
  • The reputation of the interior expert

Type of service you require and many others

FAQ - Best Interior Designers in Rajouri Garden, Delhi

1. What does interior designers do in Rajouri Garden, Delhi?

Broadly, interior design experts cater to residential interior design and commercial interior design services. Our qualified residential interior designers will design your home interiors. Let it be it- flats, apartments, individual houses, villas, etc. Commercial interior designers exclusively design office spaces, public institutions, restaurants, retail shops, boutiques etc.

2. Who is the best interior designer in Rajouri Garden?

It can be intimidating to hire the right interior designer for your dream home makeover. It is very essential to hire an interior designer that will understand and deliver your specific requirements. Here’s how you can shortlist the best one.

  • Always start off by filtering experienced interior experts whose design style appeal and speak to you the most
  • Ensure that the expert understands and is willing to customize the design services as per your need
  • Lastly, check the budget constraints, other professional commitments of the expert, capability to finish the project within the mentioned deadlines for a seamless home transformation experience.

3. What is the cost of interior design in Rajouri Garden, Delhi?

Interior design service cost is usually influenced by various aspects such as

  • The type of property- House/office
  • The scope of work- partial or complete house design
  • Designing requirements and technology used- 3D/2D models
  • Raw material, labor and time required
  • Any other customized requirements, if any

The quote is usually inclusive of the consultation fee, design plan created and the execution of the same. Remember, pricing is subjective and may differ with every expert. Here is an approximate service cost to help you understand the existing market rate.

Service type

Cost per sq.ft

Complete house interior design

Rs.1800 - Rs.2000 approx

Complete Office interior design

Rs.2500 - Rs.3000 approx

Moderate Services

Rs.1100 - 1500 per sq.ft

High-End Services

Rs.1600 - 2500 per sq.ft

Similarly, designing a 2-3 BHK would attract a cost of approximately Rs.2,00,000 -Rs.5,00,000. Connect with an expert for better clarity and breakdown the service charges in Rajouri Garden.

The price range varies over a large margin when it comes to the costs involved with these services. The following table is a rough idea of the prices involved.

4. Why should I hire a professional interior designer in Rajouri Garden?

Hiring a professional expert is a wise choice if you have invested money in your house and want to showcase it beautifully with a WOW factor. Experts have a keen eye for detail and have a visual storytelling quality through the aesthetics and design placement of a space. Hiring a professional is practically a much more economical option as they plan and budget the layout as per your mentioned quote. You can be assured of the desired outcome as experts are best at what they do.

5. What is the difference between interior designers & decorators in Rajouri Garden?

Interior designing is a broader scope than interior decoration. The former deals with close introspect into the architectural specification and structural detail of space whereas the later deal with only the itemized decoration of the space involved.

Choose the best home interiors in town, keeping all the vital aspects in mind and ensure the best deal by selecting Sulekha.

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