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About Landscaping Contractors in Noida

We are best in delivering the best landscaping services in Noida with various types that suit your area in this trending world. Services offered for designing & maintenance to make your space too attractive. Various kinds of stone are used for landscaping to make a neat atmosphere. Pick the best landscaping services in Noida from experienced & top notch contractors around you. Service offered for landscaping maintenance & stone dealing process. Various types of landscaping available for your area coverage with stone collections. Connect with our leading experts to know more about our service.

Leading Service Providers in Noida as on Oct 06, 2022

Rohini, Delhi, 110085 ( Also serves in Noida )
Landscaping Contractors, Real estate & property disputes lawyers, Cyber lawyers, Divorce & family lawyers, Consumer protection & dispute lawyers
+14 more
Sulekha Score: 0.1Working Hours: 9 AM to 9 PM
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Mehrauli, Delhi, 110078 ( Also serves in Noida )
Landscaping Contractors, Borewell/Openwell Drilling Service, Landscape designing contractors, Swimming pool contractors
Sulekha Score: 0.1
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Landscaping Contractors, Landscaping contractors & services
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Noida Extension, Noida, 201306
Landscaping Contractors, Landscape designing contractors, Landscape maintenance contractors, Landscaping contractors & services
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Sector 91, Noida, 201304
Landscaping Contractors, Garden Product Suppliers, Plant Nurseries, Corporate gift dealers, Bonsai Plant Dealers
+4 more
Working Hours: 08:00 AM to 09:00 AM
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Sector 12, Noida, 201301
5.0/5 Based on 1 reviews
Landscaping Contractors, Home Interiors, Office/Commercial Interiors, Landscape designing contractors, Modular Kitchen Designers
+1 more
Working Hours: 09:00 AM to 07:00 PM
Guest from Noida

"Creative and skilled designer team."

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Dwarka, Delhi, 110075 ( Also serves in Noida )
4.5/5 Based on 4 reviews
Landscaping Contractors, Outside city, Vehicle transportation services, Roofing services, False ceiling/ POP ceiling services
+15 more
Pramod Saraswat from Delhi

"Absolutely beautiful work Kankarwal Creations did for my home I recommend them to everyone I know. Also very nice professional people to business with Kankarwal Creations have been nothing but wonderful .."

kamlesh from Delhi

"Kankarwal Creation Enterprises is renowned for its best decoration, they are perfect decorators and contractors., so contact them now."

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Sector 48, Noida, 201301
4.5/5 Based on 2 reviews
Landscaping Contractors, Wall Decors, Home Interiors, Office/Commercial Interiors, Landscape designing contractors
+1 more
Working Hours: 10:00 am to 7:00 pm
Bharti Kapoor from Noida

"Kalpa Vriksha decorate the venue of parties in such a way that eveyone appreciates their creativity. They use flowers, candles & diya's for decoration.."

Manasvi from Noida

"Kalpa Vriksha have decorate all the parties and marraiges the give life for all the functions there decoration are too good friend sand i surly refer to everyone"

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Sector 51, Noida, 201301
Landscaping Contractors, Wall Decors, Home Interiors, Office/Commercial Interiors, Landscape designing contractors
+2 more
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Sector 18, Noida, 201301
5.0/5 Based on 1 reviews
Landscaping Contractors, Gardening services, Landscape designing contractors
Guest from Noida

"Excellent Services, Good Staff, Provides quality service"

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Recent Customer Reviews in Noida As on Oct 06, 2022

Average Rating
5.0/5 8 Reviews

" I absolutely loved the work. I would definitely recommend acitystudio to anyone. They are very professional and made the entire experience amazing. The best part is that they clearly understood our requirements and budget, and provided the best possible. "

anuj malik from Noida, on 09 Jul 2022

" Very creative and passionate team. Highly recommended "

santosh from Noida, on 17 Jul 2016

" Hi my self Purnima Beri around 2 years back they done my farm in Jalandhar very good job and i am happy with the work and recommending to others. <br/>Thanks "

Purnima Beri from Noida, on 15 Nov 2014

" Truly professional service. Highly recommended . "

Karan from Noida, on 29 Jun 2016

" sachin ji is a nice person.....n hope he will be nice with me till they finish my terrace garden work...taken his no from just dial....n hope he will give me my garden on time n as required by me....waiting to see the beautiful garden on my roof.......saket....hope sachin ji will fullfill all his commitment on time "

Mr. Gaurav Arora from Noida, on 16 Apr 2013

" Best design, best & economical price, skilled peoples. they done landscaping at my home in east park road, Karol bagh. higly recommended Rakesh Sharma "

Karan from Noida, on 16 Jan 2013

" Hi,we hired this agency for our terrace garden project in defence colony, new delhi. they did very good designing & executionfor my 900 sft. terrace in very competetive price & on time. very professional team. "

Vipul Gupta from Noida, on 28 Jun 2011

Recent Enquires in Noida

Udi*** requested for Landscaping contractors & services
Type of Service : Garden Services Service requirement : New Landscape Design 71 days ago
Udi*** requested for Landscaping contractors & services
Type of Service : Garden Services Service requirement : New Landscape Design 71 days ago

Opt For The Best Landscaping Contractors in Noida through Sulekha

Landscaping mistakes to avoid

The designing of the outdoor and garden is landscaping. Some of the top landscape designing contractors in Noida are the experts in designing your outdoor areas of the house such as yards, patios, and garden to enhance the exterior look of the house. Most of us do not give as much as important that we give to the interior of the house. Because of this reason, people end up in making mistakes which can lead to unwanted and unexpected expenses. The landscaping contractor provides you with all types of lawn services, lawn care, landscape maintenance, and also suggests you with good landscaping ideas. If you are a first time for the gardening or landscaping. Here is the list of mistakes that you need to be aware of before you start with the landscaping work to help you avoid unwanted expenses or money loss.

  • Avoid planting trees near the foundation

    The colorful flowery trees near the entrance of the house can enhance the exteriors immediately but if the roots of the tree penetrate deep down into the soil where it can bring out problems or damage to the foundation of the house. Any damage to the foundation of the building can actually affect the structural strength and longevity of the building. It is better to avoid any trees or plants near the entrance even though it is designed by the landscaping designer or landscaping contractor. If you definitely wanted to plant trees or plants, make sure that they do not grow out with strong and thick roots. It is advisable to maintain a few yards of distance from the foundation of the building for the safer side. You can go for dwarf trees which can only grow for only a small height or distance.

  • Selection of Mulch

    You need to select the right type and quality of mulch for your garden. The mulch is nothing but the mixture of garden waste like the dried leaves, grass clipping, and shredded trees which are put back to the soil to avoid weed growth as well as to retain its micronutrients back to the soil. The mulch is very beneficial for your garden when you choose the right suitable type. Depending upon the plants present in the garden, type of garden soil and the garden area, the right type of mulch is decided. You can get suggestions from the landscaping contractor or prefer for mulch with a mix of different varieties of plants and trees with no tiny stones in it.

  • Ignoring Maintenance

    Maintaining a garden design is not an easy job. You might need to do the maintenance task for a long period to get the best out of the design. So, it is better to opt for the garden design or landscape design that involves less maintenance. Before making investments on these landscaping plants, make sure that you can manage the specific area. Also, you should consider the seasonal maintenance during rainy, winter and summer seasons.

Hire the best landscaping companies in Noida to avoid most of the errors mentioned above. Get started by answering the questions given on the top.

What should you expect from a landscaping contractor?

The landscaping contractors are the gardeners or experts who install plants and other design elements that are given by the landscape design which is given by the landscape architect. These experts are skilled and experienced in gardening services, landscaping services and provide you with landscaping ideas. A reliable landscaping contractor in Noida may provide you with the following things listed below.

  • Clear the dirt and lays the land out
  • Make sure that proper draining systems are arranged in order to avoid water logging at present and in future.
  • They design and build patios, decks, water fountains and other creative features in the outdoor to make the landscaping more interesting and fun.
  • Installs everything that is required for maintaining the garden including the irrigation systems, outdoor garden lightings.
  • Selects the right plants that are suitable for the landscape that is present as well as the shrubs and trees that can easily grow in our climatic conditions.

Some landscaping companies work in interior landscaping projects and other work in exterior landscaping projects. Most of them are experts in both the types. You should ask the landscaping contractor to provide you with references and portfolios of his previous work. You may also visit his finished project if possible. You can also visit an ongoing project just to get an idea of how things work when it comes to landscaping. Make sure that you get the following things that are listed below from the landscaping contractor. Get the portfolio of the contractor which must include the landscape pictures of the recent project he finished. Do some online research to get reviews about the contractor’s work. You can read reliable reviews from our site which are written by the verified customers who had previously worked with them.

Types of landscaping features

There are many interesting landscaping features that are provided by the landscaping contractors in Noida. Don’t hesitate to check all of them and fill your yard with full of happiness. Check out all the shrubs, planting beds, flowering trees, foundation plantings, walkways, fences, fountains, and water gardens.

Things to consider before landscaping

The most important thing that you need to consider is that the period of time you are planning to live in that house. If you are planning to live there for more than five years, you may develop a more beautiful design which needs time to develop by itself and incorporate trees which may provide you with additional benefits as the years passes. Concentrate more on the front yard if you are planning to stay at this home for less than five years which is easily manageable.

You can hire the best landscaping contractors in Noida by answering the questions that are given on the top of the page. Get started by filling in the form. Wait for the experts to call you, discuss with them and finalize the deal.

Turn your dream garden into reality!

Landscaping may seem like hard work from the outside, but with a few simple tips, the perfect garden is just a few steps away. Here are a few tips to convert your backyard into the ultimate landscape:

#1 Creating the perfect edge

Creating a natural edge over alternative methods like using plastic is advantageous as natural edges are easier to maintain than the artificial methods. Moreover, if you plan to change the setting of the edges, then natural edges are the way to go.

#2 Finding the right starter fertilizer

Starter fertilizers are a great way to boost the growth of any plant. Make sure you use starter fertilizers when you plant any sapling. The right fertilizer has high phosphorous and low nitrogen levels. The fertilizer also has a good amount of beneficial fungi from which the roots of the plants derive nutrition to grow.

#3 The Soil

Choose carefully between bulk and bagged soil. If you’re looking for a more permanent gardening solution, experts suggest that bulk soil is the better option to go with. If you think you might have to relocate or move your garden in due time, then go for bagged soil.

#4 Buying the right tools

Expensive garden tools is one domain where a lot of DIY gardeners lose their money at. Evaluate your options and go with reasonably priced garden equipment that you will actually require.

#5 Mowing

Mowing can be hard if you’ll have to individually mow around every plant. To avoid this, you can use group planting in either islands or beds so that mowing around the area is relatively easier.

#6 Keep the leaves

Don’t throw away the leaves that you get after cleaning up your garden. This could actually be useful in providing the manure that the plants need for growth.

#7 Plan out your garden

Before you begin to plant more, make sure you have a plan of where everything needs to go and if there’s enough space for lanes and driveways, if required.

#8 Test the soil

Irrespective of the type of soil you have purchased, make sure to check the PH levels of the soil. Research about the kind of soil required for each of your plants to grow. If the alkalinity levels of the soil are too high, it may hinder the growth of the plant.

With the help of these simple tips, you can whip up your own dream garden in a jiffy. For those who are looking to go a step higher, you can always ask the professionals. 

Here are a few questions that will help you understand why professional services are important:

Why do I require a professional service?

Landscaping services are required to help you save money and time in the longer run. Like all projects, landscaping also requires professional consultation before the area is developed. Design and maintenance by the experts can go a long way in turning your background into an impressive landscape.

What does the maintenance program include?

Full service maintenance includes mowing and trimming of all turf areas, removal of grass clippings as needed, blowing of all hard surfaces. Removal of leaves and other debris from turf area. Grass is not cut during hot, dry weather. Removal and cleanup of weeds, leaves and debris in bed areas. Maintenance programs can also be customized to cater to the client’s individual needs.

Do experts help create landscape designs?

Yes, you can approach an expert with a design in mind and have it set up or you can choose from existing designs for installation. According to the specifics chosen, you can have an idea about the maintenance required for the same.

What is the difference between perennials and annuals?

Annuals add color and texture to landscape bed, patios, pots and outdoor living areas. Annual colors are typically more vibrant and intense than perennial colors making them a much sought after addition to the landscape. Annuals last for one year only. Typically, annuals die out after the first fall freeze, and cannot be planted until after the frost-free date. Perennials are plants that bloom year after year. Typically, perennials will go dormant after the fall freeze and begin to regenerate in the spring once the ground reaches an appropriate temperature.

Do I need a separate irrigation system?

If you do not have qualms watering by hand, then the need for having an irrigation system is eliminates. Irrigation systems and self-watering systems installed only for regular water application to the plant.

Do I need to fertilize shrubs and trees?

Yes, timely fertilization of shrubs and trees helps them grow better. You can either go in for creating your own fertilizer or purchase them from the experts.

Am I over-watering or under-watering my shrubs and perennials?

If a plant is under watered, the roots will be brown and the texture of the leaf will be crusty and may just fall off at the slightest touch. If the plant is being over watered, the roots will have a yellowish hue to it and the texture of the leaf will still be smooth but wilted nonetheless. There can be other factors such as soil content or solar exposure that can have consequential effects on plants as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) What services does a landscaping contractor provide?

The top landscaping companies in Noida provides you with the best commercial as well as residential landscaping services including lawn, patio and garden design. They also provide you with water drainage and irrigation systems. The landscape designers also provide you with lawn care, lawn service and other landscape maintenance work. You can better opt for services that can provide you with garden maintenance services throughout the year.

2) Can an expert visit or inspect the lawn before providing estimates?

If you want the expert to inspect or visit your lawn, you can better get in touch with the local landscaping contractors near you. They can easily visit your lawn before providing you with the estimates. You can fill in the form given above to get in touch with the local landscape contractors near you. And also you can discuss with these contractors to ask them for a visit.

3) When is the right time to get started with the landscaping work?

The fall or the spring season is the best renowned time to get started with your landscaping work. This is the best period which provides the right opportunities and circumstances for the seeds and plants to grow. It is better to avoid the summers and winters for getting starts as the weather conditions are at its extreme temperatures which might be very harsh for the seedlings to handle.

4) How often should I cut the grown grasses and get rid of unwanted weeds?

It is advisable to mowing or cutting down the grass once in a week to maintain it clean, short and to retain its lush. You can inspect the garden as you do the mowing work. When cutting off the grasses, look for the weed growth and remove it immediately. You can get some mulch for your garden to avoid the growth of some unwanted weeds.

5) How much water is required for the gardening purpose?

Depending upon the size of your garden area, landscape design, season and the number of plants and trees, the amount of water required can be calculated. Big trees might require 3-4 liters of water. You need to consider watering your plants even in winters. The water requirement of each garden is different from every other. So, it is better to get suggestions from the landscaping contractor to decide with the amount of water required.

6) Do I need to aerate the lawn?

Yes, every lawn is required to be aerated regularly for the benefit of the garden. It is recommended to aerate your lawn at least once in a year for better results.

7) How can I protect my garden from pests?

Pests are the potential threat for your garden which can almost destroy any kind of plant in the garden. You can make use of the repellants and traps to get rid of the pest in the garden. Although it is difficult to completely get rid of all the pest, try keeping them away.

8) Is advance payment necessary for these landscaping contractors in Noida?

The payments terms vary from one contractor to another. Whether or not you will need to make an advance to book the service will depend on the contractor chosen by you. After choosing the one from Sulekha, as you start communicating directly with the contractor, get the payment terms cleared through discussion before finalizing the deal. Some of the contractors emphasize on advance payments generally to ensure that the deal is sealed. However, some may also be flexible enough to start working without any down payments at the beginning.

9) What are the varieties of stones used for this landscaping?

The Landscaping contractors in Noida always come up with the best options suitable for a specific theme of the landscaping. The choice of stones used for the designing is of much importance as it maintains the harmony between the theme and its final appeal. Following is the list of stones used for the themes. 

  • Cobblestone
  • Lava stone
  • Marbles
  • Pebbles
  • Polished stone
  • River stone

10) Why you should choose Sulekha to select your landscaping contractors in Noida?

Sulekha is one of the most reliable and leading names in the market when it comes to listing sites. If you wish to make the best deal sealed for you, make sure that you choose from Sulekha offering more than two thousand two hundred verified options.

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