Opportunities with Oracle DBA

Rahman 10 years ago

Oracle is one of the most complex and sophisticated databases to learn. Mastering this would require more than a single college level skill.

You can become an Oracle professional only with years of prerequisite training You really have to burn your midnight oil to master it. But don’t get scared!.Follow your heart and plan accordingly and watch yourself rise to glory. Here are a few steps to work on it.

Like any profession, becoming a DBA requires years of college preparation and many years of careful preparation. Most beginning DBA's start learning Oracle after earning a Bachelors or masters degree in computer science or information systems.

  • The most important thing about DBA is that it require a 24/7 commitment. Being a DBA is a stressful and a thankless job.
  • DBA should keep them updated with the rapidly changing technology. A DBA might not be paid as high as a mid level engineer however; the high pay is a double-edged sword.  The DBA must constantly justify their salary, and a good DBA who automates many of their job functions may find them looking for a new job in a course of time.
  • To become an successful oracle DBA one must possess the following skillsets

-          Outstanding Communications Skills

-          Business degree

-          DBA Skills



Majorly IT and CS students prefer the course after their graduation., Advanced statistics courses (multivariate analysis) are also a good way to prepare for a career in Oracle data mining and Business Intelligence (BI).

Do you need a Master degree to do it? Nope but master is definitely abonus. Employers need a DBA who can understand business systems areas (accounting, finance, and marketing) and MBA's are a perfect fit for the DBA job role.

Jobs and remuneration:

You know the drill. The higher the level, the better the salary is. It starts with

-Low tier DBA -An Oracle DBA without college and less than 10 years experience earns about 275k /year.

-Middle tier DBa- A DBA with a Bachelors degree and ten years full-time work experience can earn up to 575k/year

-Senior DBA- A senior DBA with a Masters degree, 20 years experience managing mission critical database can earn up to 990k/year

-Superstar DBA- For those DBA Superstars with advanced degrees and specialized skills (RAC, Oracle Apps), the pay is often as high as  1150k/year (hard work pays huh?).

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