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Best Photographers in Guindy as on Sep 25, 2022

Varun Clicks
Guindy, Chennai, 600032
Photographers, Wedding Photography Services, Kids photography services
+5 more
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M Phactory
Guindy, Chennai, 600032
Photographers, Wedding Photography Services, Kids photography services
+5 more
Working Hours: 9 AM to 6:30 PM
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V Dreams Studio
Guindy, Chennai, 600032
Photographers, Wedding Photography Services, Kids photography services
+1 more
Working Hours: 9:30 AM to 7:30 PM
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Srivasan Digital Studio
Guindy, Chennai, 600032
Photographers, Video / audio tape conversion services, Wedding Photography Services
+6 more
Working Hours: 8:30 AM to 9:30 PM
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Grand Power System
Guindy, Chennai, 600032
Photographers, CA for Audit & Assurance, CA for commercial taxation
+184 more
Working Hours: 9 AM to 6 PM
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Focus On U
Guindy, Chennai, 600032
5.0/5 Based on 4 Reviews
Photographers, Video / audio tape conversion services, Wedding Photography Services
+6 more
Sulekha Score: 5.1
Kishore Gopi from Chennai

"Excellent photography Suresh raam in the field "

Bala Krishnan from Chennai

"Suresh is the best photographer, capturing the best moments. Good work. "

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Nisha Studio
Guindy, Chennai, 600032
Photographers, Wedding Photography Services, Kids photography services
+5 more
Sulekha Score: 5Working Hours: 9 AM to 9 PM
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Deepam Color Lab & Studio
Guindy, Chennai, 600032
4.0/5 Based on 1 Reviews
Photographers, Video / audio tape conversion services, Wedding Photography Services
+3 more
Working Hours: 9 AM to 8:30 PM
Madhu Priya from Chennai

"Excellent photos can be obtained from here. Digital photo printing is done here which gives more clarity to photos and safety to your money. Good hospitality"

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Annai Digital Studio
Guindy, Chennai, 600032
Photographers, Video / audio tape conversion services, Wedding Photography Services
+3 more
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Ram Studio
Guindy, Chennai, 600032
Photographers, Video / audio tape conversion services, Wedding Photography Services
+2 more
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Photographers Queries
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Best idea for my 9Months old baby’s shoot

Manpreet kaur2 DAYS AGO

Photographers & Videographers
Post Answer
Please send the contract number for SRK photo lab of Bhayandar West

vishal4 DAYS AGO

Photographers & Videographers
Post Answer
I want to take a some mermorial phto of my baby

Sagar srivastava16 September 2022

Photographers & Videographers
Post Answer
akhilesh 5 DAYS AGO

Plz contact eight five four five nine one four one three eight(More)

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You had clicked my photos at law bhawan 9 September 2022 but m not able to download my photo

Rohan11 September 2022

Photographers & Videographers
Post Answer
Kitan kharch aayga sir pre wedding shoot me

Aakanksha mishra 09 September 2022

Photographers & Videographers
Post Answer
Guest 17 September 2022

we will provide all quotation, please contact me "seven seven four five eight five 50 one eight" (More)

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Latest 5 Reviews Of Photo Studios As on Sep 25, 2022

Average Rating
4.0/5 5 Reviews

" Excellent photography Suresh raam in the field "

Kishore Gopi from Chennai, on 31 Mar 2018

" Suresh is the best photographer, capturing the best moments. Good work. "

Bala Krishnan from Chennai, on 31 Mar 2018

" Super photographer's, they r frdly "

bebicshejo from Chennai, on 29 Mar 2018

" Super photography.. The photographers showed up and we're pleasant, friendly, fun, warm, helpful, and like one of the family . thank u so much "

sindhuja stephenraj from Chennai, on 29 Mar 2018

Where to find the best wedding photographers in Guindy, Chennai

Wondering where to find the best wedding photographers and videographers in Guindy? The answer is “Sulekha Wedding Services”. We have an extensive database of the top wedding photography service providers in the city. Are you wondering how to select the right wedding videographer or photographer in Guindy from this long list? Here are a series of questions that will help you narrow down your search for the right matrimonial photography service providers in Chennai.

How much does a wedding photographer cost?

This is probably one of the first questions in your mind. The answer to this question depends on the type of services you require. The various factors that are taken into consideration while finalizing the quote:

  • Photography/videography type – candid or traditional
  • No. of photographers & videographers
  • No. of hours/days
  • Album size and quality
  • Video length

Why is wedding photography so expensive?

With all the expenses with your wedding, you must be wondering if you really have to shell out so much money for a photo album or video. When you approach photographers and videographers in Guindy for a wedding quote, they will tell you a particular amount. Now, let’s break down the amount into details to actually see where all the money is going.

Photographer’s labor

If your wedding celebration starts with makeup at 5 am in the morning, the photographer and videographer need to be present then. They will be with you throughout the function, even after all the function’s done, taking solo shots of the bride, and groom. Whether you have a 2-day or 5-day function, they need to put in nearly 10 to 12 hours of work each day. Plus, there is a lot of sorting, editing, and designing work involved after the actual function’s done. Plus, they work on all days of the week and even during festivals, if required.


The main photographer/videographer will definitely an assistant to help them with all the tasks. The assistants have to constantly help the photographer/videographer and put in the same hours of work.

Album design and production

Another detail in your quote is the cost of designing the layout of the album. Designers charge a huge bill to design the creative layout. The cost of the album is determined by the size of the album, no. of pages, paper quality, and finish. Fill up the form to get personalized updates on photographers and videographers in Guindy.

Five Inherent Steps Involved in Hiring Photographers

Hiring a photographer is a process and if we want to find an experienced, reliable and efficient photographer, we simply have to respect the process and follow the necessary steps. We might have to dedicate a lot of time and probably put in a lot of effort too—until we hire a photographer—but doing so will probably help us find a photographer with the qualities we covet. And, let us face it, photography is one of the integral facets of a special occasion such as a wedding, birthday party and numerous felicitation ceremonies, and being lackadaisical upfront might well make us rue later.

Key steps involved in hiring a photographer in Guindy or elsewhere

All of us might utilize different media to hire photographers. But, regardless of the medium we use—internet, word-of-mouth and direct—the steps we need to follow, to find a photographer who meets our requirements, are predominantly the same.

1) Research and shortlist

Doing the research is a fundamental step that cannot be ignored even in a matter of hiring photographers. Researching will not only help you fulfill your fundamental need, which is to find a photographer for covering a particular occasion but during your research, you might well be able to garner new ideas and insights that you were not aware of previously. Secondly, you have to shortlist photographers who you liked and wanted to take an in-depth look at. Plain researching will probably not help us fulfill our fundamental need unless we combine researching with shortlisting.

2) Revisit the gathered ideas

While researching and shortlisting a few photographers, you will have gotten a few ideas, some fresh and some you had an idea about already. So, once you have completed the first step, you have to go back and have a look at the ideas you collected during your research. Only by revisiting the gathered ideas, you will be able to make a decision and also finalize a photographer for the upcoming occasion. Your ideas might be about the style of photography (candid photography, for instance), the ceremonies within a ceremony you want the photographer to cover, etc., which have to be conveyed to the photographer who you will hire to cover an upcoming wedding, baby shower function, or a birthday party in your family.

3) Start Contacting and Enquiring

Now, you have reached an important phase in hiring a photographer. With the shortlist in hand, you can start contacting the photographers and make an appointment to meet them. The inquiry part is arguably the most important, as it involves getting to know about a photographer and also assessing if they will be suitable for covering the ceremony which is fast approaching. During your inquiry, you can ask them about their experience, request them for testimonials, the kind of events they cater to, etc. and also tell them about your event and the ideas you had gathered. By discussing these aspects, you can understand a photographer’s credibility, efficiency and of course, if they can cover the upcoming occasion in your family. Your main focus should be on their testimonials, the presence of which can be used to gauge a photographer’s ability, credibility and the experience they have garnered.

4) Negotiation and Contract

After you have enquired about the photographers who you had shortlisted, you can ask each one of them to provide you with a quotation. Quality has to be the priority, but in case you have allocated a budget for this aspect of an occasion, then you might not want to exceed way beyond your desired budget. And, by enquiring more than one photographer and requesting for quotations, you can find a photographer who meets your requirements, but who also agrees to serve you within or at least not way beyond your allocated budget. If you are satisfied with a photographer’s experience and believe they can be entrusted with covering the upcoming occasion and also have agreed with their charges, you can ask them for a written agreement. This pretty much confirms them as the photographer for the occasion you will soon be celebrating in your family.

5) Stay in touch

The photographer who you have hired, have to be reminded about the event date. Also, consistently communicating with the hired photographer will help you strike a good rapport with them—which more often than not contributes to a satisfactory experience for both parties.


By following the above-mentioned steps, you will have a great chance of finding a photographer in Guindy or anywhere, who is credible, experienced is open to discussing and deploying the ideas you share with them, and ultimately, is keen on satisfying your needs. Enjoy the occasion!

FAQ - Best Photographers in Guindy, Chennai

1. What kind of photography services can I expect from experienced photographers?

The reputed photographers offer a wide range of professional services. The list of the services offered by the experts include

  • Wedding photography services,
  • Event photography services,
  • Product photography services,
  • Kids photography services,
  • Candid photography services,
  • Photo post-processing services,
  • Portrait photography services,
  • Commercial photography services and many more

2. How much do the renowned photographers charge?

Photographers and videographers are experts, as they possess skills and knowledge of using hi-tech cameras and other equipment. They capture the moments, emotions, people artistically, and provide ultimate experience service experience. Therefore, the charges of the services vary from one expert to another. Generally, the service cost depends on several factors such as type of photography, service location, and type of event, other services, and much more. To get an estimate, you can get in touch with the experts listed at Sulekha. Based on your requirements, the service provider would provide you a quotation.

3. How early do I need to book a professional photographer?

For hiring the best photographer for your event, it is advisable to start the search right after the fixation of the event date. By making the booking, you would be able to discuss your requirements with the expert and get the desired results.

4. How much advance fees do the professionals charge for the confirmation of the booking?

The advance-booking fee depends completely on the service provider. Some of the experts charge fifty percent of the total payment.

5. What type of services do experts offer other than photography services?

Apart from the photography services, the reputed experts provide many other services like converting videotape to CD, restoration of old damaged photos, album creation, personalized photo gifts, and many more.

6. Why Sulekha is the best place for finding professional photographers & videographers?

Sulekha is a top-notch online business directory. At Sulekha, we bring to you a list 30600+ famous and verified photographer & videographers. To find an experienced videographer, fill the form above along with your basic details. The reputed experts from your area would contact you with the list of their services. You can shortlist the service providers based on the required services and budget and hire the videographer offering expert services at an affordable price.

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4+ Photos of Photographers in Guindy, Chennai

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