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Refrigerator Repair Services in Selaiyur, Chennai

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About Refrigerator Repair Service in Chennai

Best Refrigerator Service Center in Chennai Offers a platform to find top professionals based on your needs. They fix all types of issues in various brands and its models of Fridge at an affordable price. Experienced Technicians! Service can be done as per convenience!

Authorized Refrigerator Service Centers in Selaiyur, Chennai as on Jul 01, 2022

Selaiyur, Chennai, 600073
4.5/5 Based on 2 reviews
Refrigerator Repair, Audio/Video Equipment Repair, TV Repair, Air Cooler Repair, Washing Machine Repair
+3 more
Sulekha Score: 0.1Working Hours: 9 AM to 5:30 PM
Jagadeesh from Chennai

"Serviced my washing machine godrej brand in this service center for that they have charged me an reasonable price and the way of response given by them was good and the have delivered the washing machine at the right time without any delay. Overall I am satisfied with their service."

C.R.Seshadri from Chennai

"Had a problem with my microwave oven so, I contacted this service center. The response from them was good. A person came for the repair and they have charged me Rs 200 for the service. Now the microwave oven is working fine and I am satisfied with the service."

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Selaiyur, Chennai, 600073
Refrigerator Repair, Air Cooler Repair, Washing Machine Repair, Refrigerator (Fridge) Repair, Water Dispenser Repair
+1 more
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Selaiyur, Chennai, 600073
Refrigerator Repair, Washing Machine Repair, Refrigerator (Fridge) Repair, AC Service and Repair
Working Hours: 9 AM to 9 PM
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Selaiyur, Chennai, 600073
Refrigerator Repair, Washing Machine Repair, Refrigerator (Fridge) Repair, Dishwasher Repair, Home Theatre Repair
+1 more
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Selaiyur, Chennai, 600073
2.5/5 Based on 3 reviews
Refrigerator Repair, Washing Machine Repair, Refrigerator (Fridge) Repair
Rishi from Chennai

"Happy with the services provided by Air Care at Selaiyur, we engaged them to get our Fridge serviced. They replaced the thermostat and us around Rs.1500."

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Selaiyur, Chennai, 600073
4.5/5 Based on 2 reviews
Refrigerator Repair, Air Cooler Repair, Refrigerator (Fridge) Repair, AC Service and Repair
Working Hours: 9:30 AM to 7:30 PM
Jigar from Chennai

"To get rid of this summer, i am in need of ac rental.when i was searching for ac rental, i got it from this 1 ton split ac was given for monthly rent of 1000.For installation and transporation charge was 1500.The service was very good"

Ishak from Chennai

"From this business, I hired LG window AC with 1.5 ton capacity for three months. I paid Rs.5000 as an initial deposit. Every month, they are deducting Rs. 900 from the initial payment. For the installation and transportation they charged me Rs. 1000. I am happy with their service."

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Refrigerator Repair, Refrigerator (Fridge) Repair, AC Service and Repair
Working Hours: 9 AM to 9 PM
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Selaiyur, Chennai, 600073
Refrigerator Repair, Audio/Video Equipment Repair, TV Repair, Air Cooler Repair, Washing Machine Repair
+3 more
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Selaiyur, Chennai, 600073
Refrigerator Repair, Refrigerator (Fridge) Repair
Sulekha Score: 7.3Years of Experience: 15
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Selaiyur, chennai, 600126
3.0/5 Based on 1 reviews
Refrigerator Repair, Washing Machine Repair, Refrigerator (Fridge) Repair
Sulekha Score: 6.7Working Hours: 08:00 AM to 09:30 PM
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Latest Reviews of Refrigerator Repair Services in Selaiyur, Chennai As on Jul 01, 2022

Average Rating
4.0/5 17 Reviews

" Done professionally and timely attended "

Swaminathan from Chennai, on 06 Dec 2020

" Had our LG over fixed by APA. No fuss, quick, clean & professional work. "

Karthick from Chennai, on 22 Jul 2020

" Service is good. But the spare charges are quite high. "

R.KANNAN from Chennai, on 29 Jun 2019

" I got an excellent response and service from this Mas Cooling Systems, Pallikaranai. I had a problem with my Samsung Refrigerator which is in Out of warranty period so contacted them. They responded quickly and one technician came to check the issue. Rectified the problem and replaced with new Condenser within 2 days .1 year warranty given by him and now it is working good. They have collected Rs.5,000 which is including service charges, which is very reasonable only. I am satisfied with their service. "

MB Singh from Chennai, on 01 Mar 2019

" Excellent service is provided by them. Approached for the Refrigerator repair & services. They sent a technician and check the issue.They charged me an affordable amount for the service. Overall the service was awesome and I am very satisfied. "

Sharma from Chennai, on 28 Dec 2018

" Got good responses from this agency, The Fridge issue was not getting cool properly, I took a service through this center located in camp road, The service man corrects it the issue, His job is Excellent, Now my refrigerator is working well with good cooling, They charged me 2300 for this service, I feel this service is good, And I am Very well satisfied. "

viji from Chennai, on 24 Aug 2017

" I have approached this Gomathi Water Heater Services, Anakaputhur service center few days before for servicing my Air cooler. Their response was so good. They have charge Rs 800 for me . I have approached them for a general service and I am so happy with their service. "

V Muthu from Chennai, on 07 Aug 2017

" Recently facing a problem in my Refrigerator Repair . Approached this Vendor for service & I paid Rs 2000 for repair & service. response was good. Overall Satisfactory service rendered by service provider "

Eitan from Chennai, on 25 Feb 2017

" Good service .service fee also normal... "

Suresh from Chennai, on 27 Nov 2018

" I faced an issue with my LG Refrigerator, so I contacted this service centre. They charged Rs.400 for general Service. They Have provided Service for coil clottage. Overall they had rendered an Excellent service. "

Subramanian from Chennai, on 17 Jun 2017

Hiring Guide for Refrigerator Repair Service in Selaiyur, Chennai

How to avail Refrigerator Repair Service

A refrigerator is one of the significant home appliances. It is used for storing and keep the water and food cool. The main purpose of using a refrigerator is to keep the food cool and fresh. Keeping the green vegetables, fruits, dairy products, cooked food, etc. out in the hot can spoil them. However, with a refrigerator, you can preserve all the items for a longer time and prevent spoilage. It is essential to keep the refrigerator clean and maintained. Any fault or breakdown of this essential appliance can cause a problem. If you have any issues with your refrigerator, you can contact an expert and get it fixed. By filling the given form and you can book the refrigerator repair service.

How to hire a Refrigerator Repair Service technician at Sulekha

Sulekha is a well-known online business-listing portal. Here you can book refrigerator repair services very easily. All that you need to do is fill the given form specifying your requirements. Based on your requirements, our experts would put you in touch with the most suitable and skilled professionals. The refrigerator repair engineers meeting your requirements would contact you. You can have a detailed discussion with the technician about the service as well as charges. You can negotiate for the service charges and book the service at an affordable price quotation.

Types of Refrigerator Repair Services Offered by the Technicians

The reputed refrigerator repairing service experts offer services for different types of issues. The list of common refrigerator issues for which you can hire repairing service expert includes

  • Water leakage
  • Non-working of freezer
  • Broken handle
  • Fridge making noise
  • Building up of frost
  • Foul smell
  • Defrosting issues
  • Freezing food
  • No cooling and many others

Sulekha listed engineers offer the refrigerator annual maintenance service also.

Common Refrigerator Problems

Like other home electrical appliances, refrigerators also require cleaning and servicing for efficient working. Neglecting faults in beginning can lead to bigger problems and result in refrigeration replacement also. Regular cleaning, timely servicing, filling gas, etc. can help you get better performance. To resolve the technical problems of your fridge, you can book a refrigerator repair service. The experienced and skilled engineers would inspect your refrigerator and fix the issue. Here are some of the common refrigerator problems that are resolved by the technicians

Refrigerator Not Cooling

No cooling or less cooling is one of the most common problems faced by refrigerator users. There can be numerous reasons behind this problem like

  • The condenser coils of the fridge get dirty due to which they do not work properly. Cleaning them thoroughly can resolve the issue.
  • The evaporator fan motor might not be working. Getting the motor repaired or replaced by an expert is an ideal way to get rid of this problem.
  • Fault in the start relay affects the functioning of the condenser. You would need a professional for the replacement or repair of the start relay.
  • Fault in temperature control thermostat can cut the supply voltage to the evaporator fan motor, compressor. For resolving this issue, you need professional help.

Refrigerator Not Defrosting

Here is a list of reasons behind the defrosting issues in refrigerator

  • In case there is a defect in the defrost timer, the system might not send power to the defrost heater. This might require replacement.
  • If the defrost sensor of the fridge blows off, the system would stop working. Resetting the defrost sensor fuse cannot help. Getting the sensor fused replaced by the technician is the only option.
  • Failure of the defrost control board can influence the defrost cycle. You would need professional help for the inspection and solution.

Water Leakage Problem

If your refrigerator is leaking water, there could be multiple reasons behind this problem such as

  • The problem is water tank assemble can also cause leakage.
  • In case the valves are loose, securing them tightly would help. However, if the inlet valves are cracked, you need to expert to replace them.
  • Cracked water filter head, drain pan, or water filter housing can cause water leakage. Getting the broken or torn parts replaced by technicians would help you.

Refrigerator Making Noise

If your refrigerator is creating strange noises it could be due to the failure of the freezer’s evaporator fan motor. Along with this, another reason could be the faulty condenser blade. If the condenser blades are free from obstructions, they make noise. For diagnosing and resolving the actual reason behind this problem, you can take professional help.

Freezing Food

The freezer freezes the food whereas the fresh food compartment of the refrigerator keeps the food cool. However, if you get ice crystals on the food in the fresh food compartment, there is some issue. The reason behind this problem could be a defect in the main control board, temperature control thermostat, and thermistor or temperature control board. Booking a reliable refrigerator repair service technician would be an ideal solution to resolve this issue.

Cool Freezer and Warm Fridge

Many times, this happens when the freezer remains cool but the fresh food compartment stays warm. The possible reasons for this problem are

  • If the evaporator fan motor stops working, the cold air is not circulated to the fresh food compartment. This can be a reason for the fridge being warm.
  • Faulty defrost timer and control board can also affect the defrost cycle and refrigerators work.
  • Defect in the defrost heater assembly

Refrigerator Service Cost in Selaiyur, Chennai

Service Type Approximate Price Range
Inspection charges Rs. 150 to Rs. 400
Repairing (excluding the spare parts cost) Rs. 500 to Rs. 1500
Gas Filing Rs. 400 to Rs. 700
Annual Maintenance Service Rs. 600 to Rs. 800

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do the technicians charges for refrigerator repair service?

Service charges of Refrigerator Repair Service

  • Inspection – Rs. 250 – 400
  • Repairing (excluding the spare parts cost) – Rs. 500 – 1400
  • Gas Filing – Rs. 400 – 700
  • Annual Maintenance Service – Rs. 600 - 800

Disclaimer: The above-mentioned amount is the average range of cost. To find the exact service cost for your need, fill the requirement form above. The refrigerator repair service cost may vary from one technician to another. Apart from the reputation and experience of the engineer, numerous factors contribute to the service charges such as location, Warranty, Capacity, Brand, Type of issue, Spare costs, Models & others

Do the refrigerator repair service engineers offer any warranty on spare parts?

The reputed refrigerator repair service providers offer the manufacturer’s warranty on the spare parts.

Is it better to replace the fridge instead of repairing it?

This depends completely on the condition of the refrigerator. If the refrigerator is maintained, it can work efficiently for around 12 to 15 years. However, if the fridge is older than 10 years and you wish to cut electricity costs, a replacement can be a better option.

Do I need to send the refrigerator to a service centre?

If the issue is minor, the technician would repair the fridge at your place. Else the expert would take it to the service centre.

Do the service providers offer price quotation?

Before you hire an engineer for repairing your fridge, you can ask for the price quotation.

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